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Phone Support is only Available Mon-Friday 10am to 5pm Eastern Time.

Email support is available 24 hours a day but response times differ but most to all reply’s are with in 24 hrs from the time we have received the email

Having issues with video player buffering or connecting?

Were our video player says HD select a lower bit-rate if auto or the pre selected bit-rate is causing buffering. If you are still experiencing issues most likely this is due to the facility sending us the video feed, or an issue with a internet provider somewhere between your location, and our servers or the facilities location and out servers.

Video Not Playing?

If the video player does not load and play the live event and yet the live event is being broadcasted we suggest the following solutions.

1: Clear out your cookies and browser cache, if you are unsure of how to do this we recommend using CCleaner Free Version.

2: If the above options do not work try to use an alternate web browser such as Opera Browser, Yandex Browser, Safari Browser, Firefox Browser. make sure you install Java i586 – 32bit not 64 and also update Adobe flash player.

Is checkout giving you and error?

If checkout is giving you a error please make sure you are logged in to your account prior to checkout so your purchased live event is added to your account to watch and view. You must create an account to be able to purchase any live streaming events. If you are still having an error please log out , clear cache, and or switch to an alternate browser and log back in and start over.

Why am i seeing advertising on my stream?

The following reasons that you may be seeing advertising is because all advertising currently is handled by the teams – broadcaster side of the broadcast.Such as a broadcaster and or team may have local advertising added in to there broadcast. This is solely done on there end before we obtain the streaming signal feed to rebroadcast it to our customers. Please note all inquiries and or issues pertaining to advertising please contact the broadcaster directly  to address your concerns.

Supported Browsers and Software

The following is recommended and been and tested on our platform, as a reminder each browser may have issues so we recommend always to have more then one installed on any device as an alternative.

Firefox Browser32 bit – Opera Browser – Yandex Browser – Google Chrome – Adobe Flash Player – CCleaner  – Java SE – Mac Safari Browser

To keep your software and browsers up to date see the links below

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