Support Notices

Support Update: 01/05/2019 at 3:55pm EST

The Danville Dashers have been having some  internet connection issues at there facility, we would like everyone to know they are working on trying to fix the problem and soon as we have further updates we will notify you. Also  if you are experiencing buffering and or connection issues please click the HD logo on bottom right corner of the video player and select a slower – lower bitrate connection speed.

Streaming Player Modifications: 12/14/2018

We would like to make our customers aware of a new option were you see the white [HD] in the player click that and will allow you to select a slower speed & bitrate if you experience buffering issues especially if you are on wifi, wireless, or mobile devices.

Support Update: 12/13/2018

As a reminder make sure after purchasing an event that you log in t your account on the device that you would like to watch the event. We have had some customers who have tried to watch by clicking the url via email and not logging in to there account and it is re directing them to purchase a second time. Make sure you are logged in to your account and then go to the purchased game section. So we would like to make everyone aware of this..

Game Notice 12/12/2018: The Ordering of Port Huron home games are currently unavailable till further notice we will not be broadcasting these as of current but may change in the future. Once we have more information we will post an update.

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