Click To Watch Free Games From October 26th through November 3rd 2018

Support Notice:  The Ordering of Port Huron home games are currently offline and unavailable until further notice. Pending League Verification on some circumstances.

Service Update: Some customers and not all have been requesting refunds for games they have not purchased, and also paying for a game claiming they cant watch and yet they have and requested a refund, as well as keep purchasing over and over the same or different games with the same statement on the same day. TFMSports does offer refunds if they are legitimate so now we will be asking in some cases for a screen shot of the problem, and require equipment specifications, internet connection and browsers you are using to watch the game footage. We can state the above issues with refunds has happened in a few cases and not all but we would like to make our customers aware of this and as a service policy we are updating our terms to any game that cannot be completed, due to customers internet services or equipment and now we will be withholding a 0.60 cent charge from that refund since we are charged providing a charge back on top of the original fee amount.


We have gotten a large amount mails and phone calls in regards to users cannot watch and or stream the games due to network outages and the locations they reside in or may be traveling in. Also we cannot guarantee 100% full working comparability on any devices other then desktop, laptop, mobile services, some tables and some smart tvs may work but we cannot guarantee them due to browser compatibility this is why smart tvs require apps.

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