Support Update: 10:34pm we had spoken with Elmiras staff Elmiras game should be posted fully on your account page in place of tonights video live event stream, just log in to our account and you will be able view the footage. Elmiras staff will be supplying us with the recorded video footage of the entire game sometime tomorrow. They do apologize that part of there video system crashed and they were unable to get it back up during the game. For any questions or concerns about tonights broadcast please contact your local rep with the Elmira Enforcers.

Update: 9:30pm Elmira  and the Carolina game has technical difficulties on the teams side of the broadcast, they made us aware as of 9:15pm of the video going down but audio is still live. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Support Notice:  The Ordering of Port Huron home games are currently offline and unavailable until further notice. Pending League Verification on some circumstances.

We have gotten a large amount mails and phone calls in regards to users cannot watch and or stream the games due to network outages and the locations they reside in or may be traveling in. Also we cannot guarantee 100% full working comparability on any devices other then desktop, laptop, mobile services, some tables and some smart tvs may work but we cannot guarantee them due to browser compatibility this is why smart tvs require apps.

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